Archangel Michael Course

Whats included: 

Course training notes and 15 instruction videos.......

How to connect with the Archangels
How to create a peaceful haven
How to meet your Archangels
Crystals to help you connect with Archangels
How to choose right crystals
How to cleanse and activate crystals
Essentials oils and Archangels
Who is Archangel Michael?
Archangel Michael Meditation
Channelled message from Archangel Michael
Connecting with Archangel Michael using Crystals and Essential Oils
Archangel Michael and Chakra balancing
Teachings of Archangel Michael, Cutting Cords of attachment, Protection for deep spiritual work, How to practise Discernment, Loving Kindness and Forgiveness.....
Plus activities to further connect with Archangel Michael and a worksheet to test your understanding......
Certificate on completion of Course