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🪽🦋Angels and Vibrational Rate🦋🪽

Angels exist at a higher vibrational rate or frequency.  A purer state of consciousness.


And we need to train all our senses and align all our body and senses to the vibration of the Angels to be able to feel, hear and see them.


So, we need to relax our mind through meditation, visualisation and contemplation. 


Then our peaceful brain can then achieve the consciousness of this higher vibrational rate/frequency.


higher vibrational rate brings feelings of bliss and peace.

It brings alignment with the Angels.


By raising the vibrational rate:  there are finer and finer states of brain activity (spiritually) and greater unity with your God and the Angels. 


To raise your 'vibrational rate':


make a strong connection with Angels and the Angelic realms 

purify your environment and your life

spend regular time in your sacred space

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