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As a Master, I am responsible for what I create!

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

Finding your Mastery

There is no right and there is no wrong… there is only perspective

When arguments seem likely do you say ‘I just walk away, I let it go, I try to ignore it?’!

‘As we walk the Ascension path we must take responsibility for everything we create. Where walking away was a viable option in the past, now we are learning to stand in our Mastery!’

Standing in our Mastery means that we must now be authentic and reach deep down to the truth within us. Walking away, although seemingly an action of peace, is actually an act of ‘passive aggression’. The issues have not been healed, the vibration of anger, frustration, even ambivalence have not been transmuted.

As a Master the lesson/initiation will come back again and again, getting seemingly more difficult, more intense, more distressing. You will say ‘but I let this go last time!’ But in actuality, your did not heal the energy fueling the repeating pattern. You did not stand in your power, you did not release, heal or change the energetic/vibratory pattern.

As a Master you need to be authentic.

Authentic means looking at a situation, however painful, difficult or stuck. It is looking at a situation and saying ‘how am I creating this persistent, repeating cycle of frustration, of anger of passive aggressiveness?’

The answer will be in how you view your part in the dilemma. By bringing awareness, higher consciousness to your repeating patterns you start to release its energetic charge, you begin to heal the pattern. Only then are you truly letting it go.

Letting it go is not a ‘verbal statement’. Letting it go is an energetic upgrade, a change of vibration so that you no longer resonate with the persistent pattern.

To change awareness, you must change vibration. Changing vibration brings higher consciousness, a different perspective.

You start by seeing that there is no ‘us and them’. We all breath the same air. There is only oneness. Everyone is doing the best that they can with the level of awareness (consciousness) they currently embody.

As a Master you are not a teacher you are an awakener and as such, you are only responsible for the vibration, the energy and the resonance of your own energetic system.

As a Master you are responsible for everything you create!

As a Master everything you create is a reflection of your own inner work.

To heal a negative, stuck pattern you must look within and bring in more light to raise your resonance.

As a Master you know that light is consciousness. Consciousness is wisdom, understanding clarity, awareness. Consciousness is Love, Unconditional Love.

Today as a Master be authentic:

Speak authentically during your invocations

Ask for the help that you need. Explain that you need to shine more light onto your repeating pattern.

In your meditation you then ‘receive’ insights into how you are stuck, holding onto an outdated notion/perspective.

Breathe in the light and allow yourself to vibrate up and over it.

See the problem dissolving in the light

See your heart opening

See the situation healing as the old energy that fuelled it is now transmuted back to Heaven.

As a Master speak your truth, say what you mean, and mean what you say!

Speak without blame. Speak as a Master.

Say to yourself ‘what would the Ascended Master Jesus say?’

Say to yourself ‘how can I be of service? How may I serve in this situation?’

As a Master you embody the vibration that understands that

-there is no right or wrong, there is only perspective.

Whenever you find a repeating pattern, whenever a situation is stuck, as a Master you will say ‘I am now ready to do more inner work’.

There is no right or wrong

There is only perspective

As a Master, through dedicated invocation, prayer and spiritual practice you will say ‘I am now aware of my part in this situation’.

As a Master you will say ‘I willingly release this to God, and I now deeply take in the finer levels of light (consciousness) deep into my heart’

‘As a Master I am grateful for this opportunity to learn, to grow, to heal, to BE!’

‘As a Master I now accept that I am responsible for everything I create. I work on my light levels and I invite in the help of the entire spiritual hierarchy’.

‘As a Master I am not a teacher , I am an Awakener! Change happens, not only within me, but through me’

‘As a Master I am an Alchemist for the Light.’

An Alchemist uses all the powers of spiritual awareness and spiritual law to transmute everything into purer levels of Light. Light is unconditional love. Light is consciousness.

You will say ‘As an Alchemist, I am not a teacher, I am an Awakener! I stand in my power next to God now!’

This teaching was channelled by Michelle Fielding from the Ascended Master Djwhul Khul.

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