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The Rise of Indigo, Rainbow, and Crystal Children: What You Need to Know.

Angels sing over Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow Children as they sleep.  An Indigo child is a child that has a pure vibrating aura.  This aura can be seen by clairvoyants as Indigo in colour.


The purpose of Indigo children is to help raise the vibration, understanding and purity of humanity:


·       Indigos speak openly from an open-heart

·       They speak truthfully, honestly, and with integrity

·       To tell a lie, is not a possibility for an Indigo


Their mission is straightforward, to lead from the front, whilst speaking and being in their truth.  Indigos do not adhere to social norms, doctrines, educational stances, politics, and religions.  The only guiding light for an Indigo is love and truth.  They demonstrate great courage in pursuing their goals.


Indigos are the children and adults of revolutions.  They will use their 'sensitive' natures to hone their skills to serve for the greater good. They will use speech, art, music, diplomacy, revolution even demonstration.  But their underlying driving passion is always that of truth and love.


Indigo children have an affinity with their Universe, their environment, animalspeoples driving forces, and spirit.  They see and profoundly understand the spiritual realms.  At birth they know Angels, Unicorns and Nature Angels.  They know spiritual truths; they know the greater workings of things for the greatest good of mankind.


Indigos will rebuke dogmatic educational regimes which do not promote heart felt love and integrity.  They will reject those teachings that do not resonate with their deeply developed senses towards humanity.  Indigos know that we need to progress, in order to heal, to grow, and to ascend.  Indigo children will rebel against rules and regulations which do not promote self-expression and soul growth.


Indigos love nature and excel in natural surroundings, in a concrete jungle, they will find it difficult and may suffer asthma or other psychosomatic ailments.  It is as if they literally cannot breathe without the life force of nature to sustain and nourish them.


Allow indigos to choose their life.  Their passions, their food, their, their hobbies, allow them to find themselves.  They are 'innately' already in tune with their 'life-purpose' and they will vigorously pursue it.  They will do this regardless of governmental, financial, societal, educational or parental support.


The best ways to nurture your Indigo child is:


to just love them

to walk with them

when they follow their passions, allow them to voice their ideas

listen to the inner workings of their souls.


These children are gifted. They are gifted with extraordinary powers of right and wrong, with no tolerance for falsity in any form.  Their judgement about people and situations is based on their extrasensory perceptions.  These children are psychic, clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient. 

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