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I am a Truthseeker , have been for a number of years after my first born daughter suffered a very bad reaction to childhood vaccines 25 years ago. I am also a nurse and had to set my moral compass as well as looking after my daughter later diagnosed within the autistic spectrum left with out language ( she did have some language as a two old )she tried to talk and is still trying so hard as well as using her body as she has trouble using her right side of the body similar to a stroke but not quite , she always has pain and with strong pain she can have epileptic attacks.

I have over the years known that healing is possible for her and she herself has amazing energy knowing this too , which keeps us all seeking and believing for healing of all humanity in the future world.

Nadia is what I call an “angel on earth “ and her name means HOPE .

I have and still is going with what was called alternative medicine and treatments among other things homeopathy, RIFE Maschine made in 1998 and unfortunately broken .

E-Lybra Maschine which I had to sell because of economics as we didn’t get the income to stay in our home.

I learn every day and know realize setting intentions in the healing process is a most as well as spiritual growth in the process.

I dream about healing my daughter so the whole family can assist healing for children suffering because of evil intentions towards humanity.

May God help us.