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Cold laser therapy is also known as low-level laser therapy (LLLT), low-power laser therapy (LPLT), soft laser biostimulation and photobiomodulation. It can deliver non-thermal photons of light to the body to help heal injured cells.

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MiraMate Light Pad - Cold Laser Therapy Device

MiraMate Light Pad is a cold laser therapy device that is designed to relieve acute and chronic pain. Cold laser therapy delivers non-thermal photons of light to the body to repair injured cells.


MiraMate Cold Laser

Wrist X

MiraMate Cold Laser Wrist X is a portable Cold Laser Device that you can wear on your wrist to improve your blood conditions and symptoms of rhinitis anywhere anytime. It is the enhanced version of MiraMate Cold Laser Wrist.

$349.00 – $374.00

MiraMate Nail Cold Laser

Our Nail Cold Laser Device uses a 905 nm infrared laser and three 470 nm blue lasers. The photothermal and photochemical reactions from the lasers can help eliminate nail fungi.


MiraMate Nose and Throat Cold Laser

For those who have rhinitis, smooth breathing is a blessing. Pollen, pathogens, or even cold air can trigger rhinitis and cause a runny nose and endless sneezing. All you could do was take different meds and hope one worked. But now, you can put an end to that.

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