Rife for Your Life

with the Rifing Machine 


This is the most highly advanced and versatile Rife system in the world. It’s been developed since 2013 by an international team of electronics engineers, technical designers, software developers, and Rife practitioners.


Summary sheet of everything the rife machine can do:

  1. Has more than 60000 programs which include pathogens, supplements and so on.

  2. Can do remote treatment with DNA sample.

  3. Can run contact treatment, like Zapper.

  4. Can run PEMF cold laser to help pain relief.

  5. Plasma is the most powerful and original treatment mode, and can be used hands-free or while sleeping.

  6. Can make colloidal silver.

  7. Can do biofeedback scan to find suitable frequencies for treatment. 

  8. Can do biofeedback scan with sample, like blood or saliva.

  9. Scalar can strengthen your immune system so that your body has more energy to fight or rebuild itself.

  10. Can heal the damage done by parasites, bacteria, viruses and mould.

  11. Can be used to fight illness.

This does not replace the advice of your doctor.


My Dad’s Rheumatoid Arthritis Has Not Flared Up

I have been using spooky2 on contact mode on my dad’s rheumatoid arthritis for 1hr a day and remote the rest of the time. He has not had a flare up and the pain has gone from a 8 to a 2. So happy to recommend spooky2 to everyone

Great Results of Treating Lower Back Pain and Bell’s Palsy

I had great results with my lower back pain treatment as well I used cold laser to a patient that had Bell’s palsy and she said that pain went away after the second treatment

My Kidney Disease Is Getting Better

I  have stage 3b kidney disease and purchased a GenX to specifically address this problem. I have been running Kidney Balance and Correction on remote since early July along with Detox Maintenance on the second remote. Blood work on 8/30/21 revealed that my BUN decreased from 38 to 35, my creatinine decreased 1.52 to 1.46, and my eGFR went from 45 to 48. Doctor was pleased