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Girl is holding Natural Crystal Ball in her hand

Rose quartz is a great healer. Relieves the pain of heartbreak and unexpressed emotions. Heals affective deficiencies

It facilitates forgiveness when someone has hurt us, it also facilitates self-forgiveness. Increases our self-esteem and self-confidence.Great sign of unconditional love when gifted

Crystal balls emit energy equally in all directions. Used as windows to both the past and the future, they move energy back in time and offer glimpses of what is to come or what has been in divination practices.Improves the Feng Shui of the environment. You will not be able to stop looking at this beautiful sphere.

Because the stone represents unconditional love, it is ideal for displaying in your house or giving as a wedding gift. Each one-of-a-kind version is a gentle pink with different inclusions and colour variations.

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