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Earth Angels: The Mighty Warriors of Love

Earth Guardian Angel

Earth Angels have open Hearts

Open your heart and let the love of your Angel find you.  Open your heart and reach out with compassion.  Someone somewhere needs to feel your compassion in order to take the next step.  Reach out to someone today and show them how your love and compassion can help them to move forward.


Love heals everything unlike itself.  Ask the Angels to show you how to feel more compassion, not only for yourself, but also for others.  It is in the giving that we receive.


Say 'Angels, Please help me to open my Heart wider, to heal deeper, to love longer'


Everyone is doing the best that they can with the amount of wisdom their soul currently holds.  From this point of understanding we are able to have more compassion, more love, more forgiveness.  We recognise that everyone is right, when looking out from their own current perspective.


A person with a closed heart will have a different perspective to that of a person with an open heart.  The more open the heart, the higher and more encompassing a person's perspective will be.


No one is right and no one is wrong.  Everyone is just where they are at this time.  Each day serve by opening your heart just a little wider.  


Say 'Angels, please help me to have a higher perspective based on love, joy and peace.  Please help my Heart to open wider, to heal deeper and to love longer'


The work we do to heal and open our Hearts, in turn, affects the whole.  As one heart begins to heal, it sends out a resonance of Love.  This resonance travels out and touches everyone and everything that it reaches.


This resonance may be enough this time to create a stirring in the heart of someone.  Someone, who has to date, not heard or felt the energy or resonance of unconditional love around them.


This day may be the day their soul hears their ‘awakening’ call.  Today, the healing of your heart, may create the awakening in another’s heart.  Others may now start to experience the gifts of unconditional love, peace and joy.


Your opened heart, sent all these qualities as a gift ... in just one heart beat!  When we open our hearts wider, we open the hearts wider for all, for eternity


The Angels see hearts that are opening and they fly in on its beams of love, they reach you. 

Have an Angel reach you today.  Open your Heart... and let the Love of your Angel find you.

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