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Lord Kuthumi - planetary change

'I am the Lord and leader for the world of planetary change, I oversee the vibrations of your cosmos and far beyond. In some places your humanity is ahead and on track, but there are still dense areas where things are still not moving ahead as planned by the planetary committee.

Who is the planetary Committee? …. I Kuthumi, Lord Jesus and Mother Mary. We are part of the team overseeing Earth's transition to the Golden Age.

Why you?... Mother Mary works with the Divine Feminine, which has been out of balance. Lord Jesus works with the purity of Love as a tool for healing Humanity. I Lord Kuthumi, act as the World teacher of light workers and scribes. I am God's right hand man. I work with scribes so that the teachings of God can reach the masses. They have been chosen now to head up and lead their own teams. Teams of lightworkers. People with open hearts. People with longing. People who are disorientated- people who are spiritually sick. The scribes are their link now. A scribe has a position of great importance. They need to maintain focus in this area now. They will bring many aspects of training together now and create a manual for the masses. Those scribes will create a manual of teachings that are down to earth and practical.

A team

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