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MEET YOUR GUARDIAN ANGEL Book with Michelle Fielding

Updated: Apr 8

"(...) Opening up to your Angels is a profound and life changing experience and for some it is a start of the awakening of a spiritual journey. This spiritual journey will lead some people to higher and higher prespectives about the meaning of their lives. (...)

"The first step is to 'ask' the Angels to come into your life. It is not difficult learning to know your Angels. They are reaching out to you and are waiting for you to engage with them. Today is the day that this process now begins for you.


Dear ones, today is the day that you awaken to the Divine gifts of your Angels. Today you can breathe the love of your Angels deep into your heart centre. They can breathe peace out into the entire Universe.

We are all interconnected; each breath of peace for ourselves becomes a breath of peace for another. Each day open your eyes, open you heart and open your mind. Let the light of your Angels love flood in. See it, feel it, hear it. This is your Divine diet from the Angels.

The more you treat each breath as a gift from your Angels, then the more you appreciate your existence in this very moment. The peace of your mind now, creates peace of mind in the future.

Peace is a Divine gift from your Angels. Angels rejoice when one person finds peace.

Practice peace today, breath in love. Breath out peace.

Where there is peace

There are Angels!

Blessings Dear Ones

Archangel Uriel

Angels rejoice when one person finds Peace



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