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Prayer and Ascension - Djwhal Khul

Updated: Feb 8, 2020

Prayer is the understanding that a request to God is already given. Once Ascended, once you embody the Light of Christ, you manifest your reality instantly. Prayer is not necessary at this point as you now embody the vibration of prayer within your entire being. You now vibrate at the frequency of Gods Love. So prayer is now obsolete as you can manifest instantaneously. If you were to pray at this level you would be praying to yourself on your own vibratory level. As an embodiment of Christ Light you now help the prayers of others who are yet to ascend by transmuting their fears with your aura of Love and by raising the vibration of the planet to that of Divine Love for the whole of Humanity. You become the vessel through which peoples prayers reach the unmanifest world. Your vibration then helps to make those requests tangible by the very vibration of your being. Your presence is a sign of instant manifestation for the whole of humanity. Everything you can imagine now has the capacity to become real. Instant manifestation is possible wherever there is the embodiment of Christ Consciousness. Wherever there is Christ Consciousness, then all imagination is in fact real.

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