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The Angels who oversee Death

Angels of death and transformation come to us when it is time for the soul to move to another dimension. The silver cord of life is temporarily removed and you can travel to a resting place, Bardo. In Bardo you are bathed, cleansed, healed and in some cases retrained for your next incarnation. The records of your life are analysed by the Lords of Karma. Your soul makes a new contract to negate any outstanding karma or initiations in future incarnations. Other souls agree to re-incarnate with you in order to teach you and help you wit your soul's lessons.

Once karma is complete

Once all the life lessons are complete

Once all soul contracts are complete

Then we can return at a soul level back to the light, to serve humanity on a much larger scale. The Angels of Death escort us to the appropriate place once the soul leaves the human body. The Angels of Karma oversee the Angels of Death.

The Angels of Death are very loving, nurturing and protective of the souls they are transporting. They bathe the soul in harmonic sounds and the healing balm of light.

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