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The Power of Love from Guardian Angels: Exploring the Abundance of Angelic Love in Our Lives

An abundance of love creates an abundance of Peace. 


Where there is an abundance of Peace

There is an abundance of Angels.          


Be abundant….

Repeat this mantra: Love, Peace, Angels


LOVE, PEACE, ANGELS, it must be said

LOVE, PEACE, ANGELS, the only way ahead

Angels Love


Look around you, there are people in need


Now is your time to shine

Now is your time to abandon false ideas about wealth, possessions and power


Replace these illusions with love – unconditional love

Look around your work place, your community, your country, your Universe


Make the first step today!


One smile, can change another person’s day

One word of encouragement can change a person’s life

One hug, can heal a person on many levels


Be the peace you want to see

Be the love you yourself want to feel

Be the change!


Where there are the qualities of: Boldness of action, an open heart, harmlessness, truth, there is a team of Angels waiting to help you


Together we create an Almighty Team

Together we create Peace

Together we create Change


Reach out to others today.  Be a warrior for Love.


Where there is Love

There are Angels!

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