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The Role of an Angel

An Angel’s role is to try and reach you by acting as a bridge between Heaven and Earth.  Angels act upon the instructions and will of your God.  Angels teach about unconditional love, peace and joy. 


Angels are high spiritual beings who serve, protect and heal us all.  When you call upon your Angels, they are already waiting to serve you.  Angels are our personal messengers.  They are our personal link to Source.  Angels help to answer prayers and create miracles!


Angels have their own pathways, as healers, teachers of peace, and teachers of love.  Angels have many roles.  An Angels presence can however, be felt in many different ways.  We can sense them, hear them or see them.  We may encounter them during dreams or visions. 


Angels can be invoked at any time; we can invite them into any part of our everyday life.

The more you think about Angels the more they will be part of your life.  Angels are androgynous, neither male nor female.   They are instead created in perfect balance.


Angels have never had a human incarnation, but can temporarily take a human form if help is needed in that guise.  Angels are genderless, but will appear to you in the gender or ethnicity with which you can best connect. 


Angels can also come to us in the form of animals, including birds, dogs, cats, horses, butterflies ….  Our connection with Angels is only limited by our imagination.


We all have a Guardian Angel at birth, who will stay with us during every incarnation.  Guardian Angels never evolve into humans.


Angels help to answer prayers and create miracles!


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