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The veils to your God are now diminishing

The energies of this time are changing in many forms as the Angels now line up under the Law of Grace, to help humanity to heal from the imagined duality of Love and Fear. There is only one reality, Love.

The density of Earth does not always allow us to see this directly, this was part of our choice when we chose to incarnate on this plane of existence.

Dear Ones, the veils to your God re now diminishing and it will all become clear for those souls who are willing to clearly see the truth about Love.

God is Love

Each day now is becoming ever more crucial. Each day say 'I now flow freely in the essence of Gods Love which is within and without'.

The Angels of Ascension are surrounding earth as an almighty team. Those who choose to now call upon them will have their lives profoundly changed forever.

To be in the essence of Gods Love, to be in the knowledge of Gods Love, is to be in the presence of Angels.

Call upon the Angels today. We await your request.

We are now gaining momentum forever becoming closer and closer as the vibration of Love is starting to flow ever more freely upon our planet.

God is Love. The Angels are the distribution team of this loving essence.

When you are bathed in this exquisite nectar your life, your heart, your soul is profoundly changed forever. Not only do you step forward with more boldness, but you raise your thoughts to match those of God.

God is Love

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