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Today is the day to release...

Today is the day to release. To release anything that no longer serves you. Call upon Archangel Michael. Ask him to cut the cords of attachment that bind you to:

Unhealthy people

Unhealthy patterns

Unhealthy mind-sets

Possessions, unhealthy circumstances

Walk away and feel the freedom as you realise your authentic self.

As you find your peace, you act as a beacon of positive energy for others with your equilibrium and your spirit.

When everyone finds peace

We will have Heaven on Earth

Ask Archangel Raphael to heal you during your times of transition

Ask Archangel Zadkiel to transmute all lower energies with the violet flame, freeing you from stuckness and from stagnation.

With renewed clarity write down:

How your ideal life would look

How your ideal life would help you feel

How your ideal life would help others

Ask that the Angels bring you your ideal life, heart's desires.

Everything is interconnected

Your growth feeds the growth of everyone, the entire Universe

Be the person who steps forward today and say 'I now relinquish all material, egoic and selfish needs and embrace the peace love and magnificence of freedom'

In your place of freedom the Universe provides you with everything that your heart needs; unconditional love. Fly free. This is your moment!

Where there is unconditional love

There are Angels!

For more information, please see my "Meet you Angels" E-Book by clicking below

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