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Spirituality for everyday living

Golden Heaven on Earth is a spiritual community where you can find knowledge and practical guidance regarding your spiritual progression.  There is something for everyone including a blog, online meditations and training videos, access to online personal consultations and lots more.... 


All resources are designed, to help you understand your role, in raising the vibration of love and light.  We need to raise our vibrations and frequency to help humanity reach the pinnacle of its current spiritual progression. 

This pinnacle is called the Golden Age.

We are all steadily walking towards this point of spiritual expansion, which is now becoming available to everyone of us. 


The Golden Age will be upon us by the year 2032. 

Now is the time.... each step you take towards integrating your spiritual knowledge on all levels, conscious, sub-conscious and superconscious, is a step closer to the fulfillment of your 'Divine Purpose'.  Your 'Divine Purpose' is to serve.  You serve others with your ongoing intention to raise your own light and refine your own frequency and vibration through dedicated spiritual practise.

Increases in vibration and light mean progression along your spiritual path.  As one person progresses on their path so does everyone progress along their spiritual path.  Every raised vibration reaches out awakening and lifting everyone it reaches. 

Each step you take towards fully integrating your energies, knowledge and vibration in your conscious, sub-conscious and superconscious, your mind body and soul, is a step towards the pinnacle of your journey, Ascension.


Ascension Training - Finding your Mastery

‘The workshop has been invaluable in helping me to understand the journey I am on…


'I would describe today as invaluable, beautiful energies, understanding of Ascension’.

‘As Always you're Amazing! Releasing, mind changing. You're Awesome! Keep Being You! Sending Lots of Love’!

‘This workshop has been what I expected and more!  Illuminating’!

‘I wasn’t sure what to expect, but thoroughly enjoyed the day. Relaxing and enlightening…. Fulfilling’

‘I was not sure what I was expecting so it exceeded what I was expecting!  I look forward to learning more in a deeper way!  Powerful, Educating, Affirming.  Awesome and Intense.  Thank You’ 

‘Greater understanding and refresher of previous teachings.  Profound! Start the Angel Course and see where it takes you…..’

Golden Heaven On Earth

This is a spiritual community which welcomes of all faiths, denominations and creeds.... 

Golden Heaven on Earth - Blog

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