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Michelle Fielding has been a spiritual coach and writer for over 15 years.  Working one to one or in small groups both locally and internationally.  You can follow Michelle's work using a host of social media including Instagram , Facebook, blogger and more recently You Tube.

Working with Angels, Archangels and the entire spiritual hierarchy, Michelle channels answers and explanations.  In her meditations, courses, blogs and videos she explains how we all have a life purpose and how we can use spiritual understanding to navigate life's ebbs and flows. Through facilitating and teaching spiritual developments groups , many people have had life changing experiences.  They have met their Angels, felt a spiritual awakening or reached newer and higher levels of consciousness.  One to one coaching sessions and the publication of  her book 'Meet your Angels'  have also proved invaluable to her many personal clients from all over the world.  

Hands Holding Beads
Hands Holding Beads


Buddha Statue
Buddha Statue

Hands Holding Beads
Hands Holding Beads

Personal Consultations

Michelle is available for personal consultations.  Please book a personal consultation at  Search for Michelle Fielding - Spiritual Coach.  You may be at the beginning of a spiritual journey or you may already be pursuing your life's purpose... whatever stage of development you currently find yourself working with, you may be searching for more answers or deeper meaning.  You may be ready to take your spirituality to the next level.  Whether you are a beginner wishing to learn meditation or whether you are reaching up with your Angels to reach Heaven on Earth, through Ascension, Michelle has something for every level and everyone. She will tailor her material for each session whether she is working with you or your group.  Book your session today.

Spirituality for everyday living
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Fortune Telling Cards

Meditation and Mindfulness

Meditation  and Mindfulness Courses for all levels, including complete beginners, are available online and in small groups.  

Angels and Archangels

Meeting your Guardian Angel can have a profoundly life changing affect.  It can help you to improve your life in all areas. You will learn how to meditate, connect and work with your Angels everyday.  

When you later move on to working with the Archangels you will find this very powerful and you will begin to use Angels for your everyday situations, including health, relationships and fincances.  You will also be introduced the the Spiritual Laws which are affected by how we think speak and act.

Meditations, Videos and a Blog are available to members who subscribe to this website.

Spiritual Law


What we think we attract... this is a metaphysical law... the law of spiritual energy.  You will be discover how these spiritual laws can work to enhance your life. The harnessing of spiritual energy in line with these laws can bring you many blessings, and a new perspective on the events of your life, bringing you deeper levels of inner peace.  

Ascension is the route home