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The Golden Age - Commander Ashtar

Updated: Jan 24, 2022


Dear Ones

Planet Earth is currently experiencing profound energetic changes, as major planets throughout the Universe begin to become aligned. Certain other single alignments and eclipses will also occur before that date. The impact of these energies will mean that Earth will no longer resonate on the old familiar resonance known as 3D or 3rd dimension energy. As the energy changes around the Universe and on your Planet Earth, it also has the profound effect of changing the vibration of all sentient beings.

People's souls will start to awaken to these profound changes as we move into the 5th Dimension - called the path of Ascension. In the establishing of the 5th Dimension perspective you have now become awakened and as you see and embrace and breath the essence of Oneness, you become enlightened In encompassing 5th dimension energies your perceptual skills become more enhanced you begin to see, feel hear and know more acutely. You become more attuned to the heart beat of the earth, the Universe and all those that reside within it. The move into 5th Dimensional energies is now fully starting to flow, those Lightworkers who are walking ahead are paving the way for the masses. On an organic level each soul is bringing down more light (consciousness) and this is changing the energetic pattern within their entire organism, aura and etheric bodies.

The effects of these changes will create different levels of purification at different times. The process will however be ongoing until the entire masses of humanity have all increased their light quotient to 5th Dimensional energy. Some souls will choose not to become awake and will choose to leave the earthly planes, to resume their journey in another part of the Universe, where the energies are yet to be refined to the 5th Dimension.

5th Dimensional living will be the catalyst for what has been labelled previously as the Golden Age. All inhabitants residing in the energies of the Golden Age will have open hearts full of love. Their lives will be dedicated in service to the masses and humanity. To reach the 5th Dimension energies you will have needed to balance your karma and to have finished your life lessons.

Your life will now be dedicated in service to the bringing down of Christ Light energy into your soul, so that there is a raising in consciousness for you and humanity to that of Christ Consciousness. Dear Ones, this is your time. We are all interconnected We are all One! Go Forth and Serve! Commander Ashtar Intergalactic Fleet

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May 19, 2022

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