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The Divine Messenger: Exploring the Role of Archangel Gabriel in Religion and Spirituality

Archangel Gabriel’s name means ‘God is my strength’. Archangel Gabriel is often depicted carrying a golden trumpet, which he uses to awaken your inner angel and bring good news. Archangel Gabriel can give guidance and help with spiritual awakening.

Archangel Gabriel is sometimes known as the Angel of the moon. He uses feminine, intuitive energy to help with dream interpretation and visions. He uses the moon’s magical energy to awaken humanity. He can guide you through life changing experiences, dissolving fear, by cleansing it in his white ray of purification.

Archangel Gabriel can assist you with purification if:

· Your body is full of toxins

· If your thoughts need to be free of impure or negative thinking

· If you have been sexually or physically assaulted

· If you are under psychic attack

· If your home, work or general environment feels negative

· If you feel that you have absorbed other people’s problems

Archangel Gabriel can assist you with life changing situations like moving home, changing careers, undertaking new projects, starting a family, needing to understand your life purpose or mission.

Archangel Gabriel can help you with:

· Prophecy, inspiration and visionary matters.

· If your spiritual vision is blocked without any seeming reason

· If you wish to see Angels and their guidance

· If you need to better understand your inner world

Archangel Gabriel is one of only two Archangels mentioned in the Old Testament, the other one being Archangel Michael. Muslims say that Gabriel (Jibrail) awakened the prophet of God, Mohammed. Mohammed then dictated the Koran. The Koran is the sacred book of Islam.

Archangel Gabriel is known in Christianity for announcing the forthcoming birth of Jesus Christ, the child of Mary. Archangel Gabriel was present at the death of Jesus. He watched over the tomb and gave the news of the resurrection to the disciples.

Archangel Gabriel brought inspiration to Joan of Arc with her mission.

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