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10 Signs From Angels That You Should Not Ignore: Understanding Common Angelic Signs

These are just a few of the common signs, but the list is not exhaustive:

Feathers appearing in a way that has meaning for you


·      Clouds

·      a song on the radio about Angels

·      a word on a signpost as you drive

·      a book falling off a shelf as you walk into a room

·      finding coins

·      someone talking to you about Angels

·      someone telling you something that answers a question or problem that has been on your mind

·      a stranger giving you appropriate advice

·      the spontaneous love of an animal

·      someone buying you an Angel related gift out of the blue

seeing an image of an Angel or a feather e.g. on the TV, on a moving vehicle, on your computer screen

Angels bring messages to us during our sleep

If you see  an Angel in your dream, then this is an Angelic sign that your requests have been heard from your heart. An Angel is with you. Just ask in your waking day for exactly what you need. 


Say 'Dear Angel, please can you help me to manifest my heart’s desires which are.......'(Remember to speak from your heart). Thank your Angel.


Number plates

Angels can give you a sign in many forms and often use number plates to let you know that they have heard you.  I asked if someone who was close to me would be ok in the Afghanistan war.  I was driving at the time but this thought had come into my mind.  The next two cars that came towards me had the following number plates…. WAR and 5AFE (safe).  The next time you make a request to the Angels, don’t forget to look at number plates on your next journey.

 A soul reading with the Angels helps you to understand where you are going in your life and what you may need to address in order to achieve more levels of success, happiness, peace of mind, blessings and abundance in all things.


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