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Abortion, Pastor said I cannot be forgiven?

I don't think that angels believe in me anymore I have been told by a Pastor that you cannot be forgiven for an abortion I have strayed from god since. Please tell me its not true.

God does not make a judgement. God is all loving and gave us free-will, so that we could experience things to help with our soul growth. In developing our soul we find great gifts. We find love, compassion and tolerance.

Some lessons on the path to developing our soul seem intense, mystifying, even surreal. We think, 'this is not my life'! Never did we imagine that such a difficult situation could occur for us. We had made such different plans.

But at a soul level, 'this is our life'! We have never been given any lesson by the soul that God didn't agree that we could handle. This has been a tremendously hard path for you, so far you have been walking uphill and it has been so steep. But today is 'the first day of the rest of your life'!

The Pastor is himself having to walk a difficult path. The Pastor has chosen to walk the path of Dogma. Each scenario presented to him, that is outside of this rigid framework of teaching, will make him act judgmental and he will need to repel it. But the lesson for the Pastor is to face his own inner Soul and to ask himself, 'in what way do I make judgement about myself and others. In what way do I criticise myself and others. IN what way have I been impatient and intolerant of myself and others. In what way am i not listening to my own heart and integrity?

Everything in our outer life is a mirror of the progress of our inner soul. The forgiveness that I see most outstanding in this situation, is forgiveness for the Pastor. Until such a time, as the Pastor can forgive his own shortcomings and face his own soul lessons, then he will continue to project his own fears onto others.

He will continue to not own his own lessons, instead projecting them onto others and labeling them as a direct interpretation of God. God is all loving, all encompassing. God does not make a judgement.

You do not need God's forgiveness as you Dear Child are made in Gods essence. 'Today is the first day of the rest of your life'! As a Child of God, your only task today, is to have compassion for yourself. Compassion for yourself, not because you have done something wrong, but compassion for yourself, for ever thinking that you had done something wrong. 'There are no mistakes, only learning's'.

Dear Child, 'This is the first day of your new life'! Ask your Angels to shine a bright light now, onto your new path, and they will walk with you. All the emotions of this event have given you great experience, and if you combine this experience with the tremendous love you hold in your spiritual Heart, then you Dear Child will walk as a Beacon of Light. you Dear Child can show others the way. 'Today is the first day of the rest of your life'!

Angels Walk with you.

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