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Absorb the Rainbow Light

We are all Souls

All Souls contain Light

Sometimes this Light is very hidden

Over many lifetimes it has become deeper and deeper entrenched in

  • Karma

  • Patterns

  • Programming

Now is the time to see the glimmer of Light in all sentient Beings

Your Love helps to ignite the spark of Love in the Heart and Soul of another

This spark can create more Light

As the Light increases the Heart is slowly healed ...

  • cell by cell

  • layer by layer

  • lifetime by lifetime

This Light that is obscured in a cluttered and chaotic Heart, can be healed by the Love and Light from You!

Think of someone today ...

  • who is entrenched

  • cannot see a way forward

  • has become unable to see another way of living

Send them Love and Light from your Heart TODAY!

They will feel it at an energetic level and it will make a healing impact ...

Ask that this Love and Light, reach this person for their highest good

In every moment, remember that ...

  • Love is healing

  • Love heals everyone

  • Love heals everything

When you open your mind and Heart to sending Love ... the Universe sees

The Universe sees and you are yourself are

showered in Heavenly Blessings on many levels of your Being

This shower is like a Rainbow

Each colour fills your Aura

Once your Aura contains all the colours of the Rainbow Light ...

You will be HEALED!

You will know the feeling of walking in the BLISS of HEAVEN ON EARTH!

  • Heaven is not a place

  • Heaven is a state of Being

Ask the Universe today, that you may develop more Love and Compassion for yourself and others

Ask that your Rainbow Aura helps you to walk towards HEAVEN ON EARTH - and your ASCENSION...

Beacons of Light! Go Forth and Serve

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Unknown member
Feb 26, 2022

God s Infinite Beinghood and so am I


Unknown member
Feb 26, 2022

Thanks for uplifting words and

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