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Angel soul Reading in which we try to know our Angel & ask for energies

Michelle Fielding has been a spiritual coach and writer for over 18 years. 

Michelle channels explanations and answers by working with Archangels, Angels, and the entire spiritual hierarchy. She discusses how each of us has a life purpose and how to apply spiritual wisdom to manage the ups and downs of life in her meditations, courses, blogs, and videos. Numerous people have experienced profoundly transformative moments as a result of my teaching and leading spiritual development groups. They have experienced a spiritual awakening, encountered their angels, or attained newer, higher states of awareness. The release of her book "Meet your Angels" and one-on-one coaching sessions have been extremely helpful to her numerous global personal customers.

Whatever stage of growth you're dealing with right now, you might be looking for more answers or a deeper meaning. You can be starting a spiritual journey or you might already be pursuing your life's purpose. It could be that you're prepared to advance in your spirituality. Michelle offers something for everyone, regardless of experience level, whether you are a novice looking to learn meditation or you are using Ascension to ascend with your angels to Heaven on Earth. Whether she is working with your group or you individually, she will customise her materials for every session.


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