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As you walk the spiritual path ..... you will be confronted .....

Updated: Feb 13, 2022

As you walk your spiritual path .... you will be confronted by fears

These fears are illusions, tests, initiations ....

At each point the goal is for you to undertake the next stage of your path with

  • dignity

  • honesty

  • faith

The more your walk with trust, the more Love and Light there will be instilled into you on all energetic levels ....

  • Physical

  • Etheric

  • Astral

  • Emotional

With each influx of Light and Love these lower bodies start to merge, and begin to heal

Each step of this healing creates an energetic and vibrational change in your BEING

Your CONSCIOUSNESS begins to expand upwards and outwards

Above you is the fountain of knowledge and it is stepped down in vibration to meet your current level of understanding

  • With each download of information

  • With each initiation completed

  • With each expansion of your consciousness

Your chakras spin faster

Their energies become purer

Their colours more subtle

This change in chakra energy and vibration affects your consciousness and is emitted out through your aura in waves

This new wave of energy then goes out far and beyond affecting the masses

You become a Beacon of Light!

At an energetic level you now attract to you

  • people

  • situations

that match your new vibrations and energy

The people and situations, even mind-sets from before may now drop away, or leave your scene.

They are no longer an energetic match

Allow this process to occur, not with sadness....

but with the knowledge that this is a positive indication of how your spiritual CONSCIOUSNESS is developing and growing

Into your sphere, you will now attract

  • new opportunities

  • new people

  • new mindsets


Concentrate your energies now on realigning, rebalancing and integrating all this new CONSIOUSNESS

Know that with each adjustment of light intake, there is also a purifying and releasing process

Do not fight the process

Go with the flow....

  • Rest if your body is realigning

  • Walk in nature, and Breathe

  • Ask the Angels to enfold you in their comforting, healing wings

  • Ask the Ascended Masters to prepare you for your next step on your spiritual journey

  • Thank the Universe for all updates of new CONSCIOUSNESS now and in the future

Write everything in your Spiritual Journal

Beacons of Light! Go Forth and Serve!

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Unknown member
Apr 08, 2022

Thank you. 🐯🌸🐯🌸🐯🌸🐯


Unknown member
Feb 13, 2022

I send you so much Love and gratitude for sharing your knowledge so gracefully. Much Love


Unknown member
Feb 12, 2022

This ties it all together beautifully, Michelle. Many thanks!!


Unknown member
Feb 12, 2022

Feeling gratitude for all of the guidance. I have shared this positive message with my loved ones.


Unknown member
Feb 12, 2022

Beautiful - thank you - feeling so grateful for the abundance and beauty of this awakening xxxoooxxx 🤎❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

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