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Ascension Purification

This is a time for purification

Today the Angels asked me to convey a message about Love and Light. How it affects the whole of human life, how it sustains human life, how it nourishes human life. For the evolution of the planet and the universe, we must practise compassion towards ourselves and others. This is the only known way to face the 'impending challenges of change' during 2021 and beyond.

Floods, disease, disaster are all part of the cleansing flow that will impact us going forward.

Many Angels are now approaching Earth to help with the impending changes:

It is unlikely that the world will end, but Mother Earth is purifying in order to change its vibratory rate. During purification we will continue to witness an increase in:

* floods

* hurricanes

* earthquakes

* political unrest

* uprisings - the ending of regimes

* sudden changes in leadership or political direction

These are all signs that the earth 'Gaia' is purifying things in order to create a new energy.

The emergence of this new energy will be enhanced by the realisation from humanity that 'everybody and everything' is interconnected.

  • the witnessing of the changes will create in 'humanity' a situation where hearts will 'spontaneously open'

  • This will be caused by the overwhelming feelings created when witnessing the mass loss, changes and sadness

  • These changes will have an impact on whole nations and countries

  • The planet will be brought together in unity, wanting peace and community, and people will reach out to help one another

  • When enough hearts open to the love of the Angels - there will be no war, no conflicts - the growth of peace and community will prevail

Ask the Angels to show you in each and every moment how to 'open your heart' during these ongoing earth changes.

The paperback to help you meet your Angels during Ascension: Books | GoldenHeavenOnEarth

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1 Comment

Unknown member
Dec 13, 2021

Do you have any audio books ? Reading is difficult.

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