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Beacons of Light! Go Forth and Serve

Golden Key - Is it possible to fail the initiations of Ascension?

There is no label called 'fail' on the path of Ascension. Everything just IS!

Once you are on a spiritual path with your heart opened to the Love of God, then you only ever go forward.

Each step you take, your soul is awakening, learning, healing, expanding in consciousness. Even if an initiation needs to be repeated there is no loss of 'awareness'. Your souls 'awareness' is constantly being honed for growth and conscious expansion.

Keep focused, clear and in your moment. Then you move steadily into each new energetic space and you find your alignment. Once you are in alignment your energy sends out harmonic and resonance to those following closely behind.

You cannot fail as you are one player in a team. Everyone's combined strength helps you all to keep moving forward.

Find your moment

Find your focus

Move forward with the flow, no pushing or striving

Come into alignment

Reach out to the people following closely behind

Breathe in the energies as you now stand together as a team of Supreme energy. Feel the joy as each of you can now bathe in the feeling of BLISS.

This is your Heaven On Earth. Your team resides alongside you.

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