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Book a session with Michelle Fielding - the Ascension Journey unravelled!

The word is currently going through a series of rapid energetic upgrades which is affecting the whole of Humanity. Those of us who feel 'this strongly' may be asking more and more questions, we may be seeking answers to these feelings of frustration, the deep empty feeling, where each day just feels like we are going through the motions. Nothing holds value for us any longer, not even the pursuance of money or status even fulfills us. We ask 'What is the meaning to all of this? Why am I here? This moment of despair of hoplessness is called the Awakening.

For everything to make sense we must look within, we must seek out a more meaningful, spiriutal resource, in order to carry on. We must find inner peace.

If any of this resonates with how you feel right now, then you are at the start of a new journey. This journey is about exploring, not just your physical reason for being, but also your emotional and spiritual meaning... by looking at all aspects of yourself, physical, spiritual and emotional... you reach wholeness. You need to reach this wholeness in order to reach any semblance of freedom, peace or balance.

This is your moment now to reach up from the depths of your anger, your sadness, your loneliness, your frustration...

If anything I have said here resonates with how you feel right now, then you may be ready to either start your journey and dont know how, or you may be already on your path but have become stuck, you want to explore something new about your reason for being, to reach wholeness, but dont know how.....

If you would like to find out how to work through these feelings of metamorphasis... If you want to rise up like the Phoenix out of your metaphorical ashes, then please contact me for a full spiritual review. By working together I can devise a tailored plan to help you move forward and to rise to higher levels of consciousness by giving you new tools, understanding and perspective. I work with the entire spiritual hierarchy to bring in answers to questions where necessary but already have a vast tool kit of resources to help you achieve your onward goals.

You can contact me on this website or you can email me at

Today is the first day of the rest of your life... the Universe has so much more to offer you. Lets step forward towards a fresher, brighter, happier existence for all.

Blessings Michelle Fielding

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