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Earth Angels are Warriors of Compassion

What is Compassion?

Let us consider the eternal life of the soul.  It has many lives, in different forms, as it grows and matures.


It is possible that we have all experienced many thousands of re-incarnations, over many lifetimes.  It is possible that the person who you find annoying, unkind or your enemy, may in actual fact, have been your child or your mother in a previous life?


Is it not normally the case that we generously extend the emotion of compassion, to our mother and our child?  That we extend the emotion of compassion regardless of what actions they may or may not have taken?


Just for today offer compassion to everyone you meet.  Greet and treat everyone as if they were your own mother or child.  Just for today treat yourself with the love, that your own mother or child, would extend to you.

Release the Anger – have compassion

Anger is the passion that clouds reality and gives a false sense of ‘I am right and you are wrong’!  At this crossroads there can be no Peace.


Release your need to be right

Release your need to feel hurt

Release your need to feel betrayed


In the eyes of the Angels the perspective is totally clear and the way forward is crystal;


Forgive yourself

Forgive others

Have Compassion for yourself

Have Compassion for others


The way forward is clear. 

The way forward is NOW!

The way forward is unconditional love for yourself and others

Blessings to you all



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