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Daily practises during your process of Awakening

Updated: Feb 8, 2020

Ask for what you need.

Say 'May the Universe please show me today, what I need to do and guide my words and actions to be able to do it'

* start to simplify your life. Release attachments to things, people, mindsets that no longer fit the emerging new you!

*Eat a healthy diet

*Drink fresh pure water - spa water

*Walk in nature

*Start a regular session of journaling, visualisation, chanting, meditation, quiet contemplation

*Stay in the moment. Say to yourself 'One thing at a time'

*Say to yourself 'Would I rather be right or happy'?

*Start to nurture youself with positive inner talk, affirmations, inner child healing

*Learn how to forgive yourself and others, show compassion

How do I show myself compassion and heal my critical inner voice?

As with all healing it is a process. The first step in this process is your awareness of it. Your awareness that all is not truly on course. That there is an imbalance or a blockage. Then the next stage is to ask for the help from the Universe. Say 'Dear God, please help me now to heal and release (insert what you need to release)…. with love. Allow me to see how these feelings and experiences were necessary in order for me to gorw and reach this stage. I am ready now to embrace new mindsets, self talk and emotional/mental patterns in order to heal. Thank you'

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