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Death is an illusion

Death is an illusion,

It is just a doorway through which we step-up to the next stage of our journey

We are still connected on all levels to the ones who love us, this continues for all time

Death is an awakening

It is the window through which we see clearly

We can make amends for our previous life and rejoice at all the Blessings we have earned

These Blessings help us on our way to Heaven

Heaven, is not a place.

Heaven is a state of BEING

A state of total PEACE and CONTENTMENT

A place of calm, stillness and complete silence

It is a place of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE....

There is no human form ..... which creates restrictions ..... there is only pure energy

Death is a BLESSING, a release, a NEW BEGINNING

When your soul has completed all its contracts with others, and fulfilled its mission, then it will be your turn to step through the doorway of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE

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