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Do things for the greater good?

Question submitted by Community Member

'Do things for the greater good?, But I dont want to .... i did something for someone ... i did it as it should be done ... it was proper , it was gracious .... but NOT with love or the correct motive or attitude .... i did it for the greater good, but DID NOT WANT TO' Beacons of Light! Go Forth and Serve - Facebook 'Hello, you cannot do something for the higher or greater good, if you have not considered how it will affect you in the process of doing it..... Sometimes, we need to undertake tasks, as part of having the lesson of detachment. What is happening, is that you are attaching emotion to this incident. Nothing is good or bad. Everything just IS! When we are presented with any task, do not label it.... just go about the task one breath at a time, call the Angels to be with you. In each moment concentrate on breathing in the love of your Angels deep into your Heart... Only focus in each moment on that feeling of love in your Heart. Moment by moment. The task no longer becomes a chore. Instead the task becomes a moment to heal You have detached from the label Good or Bad You have detached from the fear of your ego mind You have connected with the eternal NOW! The eternal moment The only thing that exists in the eternal moment is LOVE The eternal moment is HEAVEN Heaven is not a place Heaven is a state of Being Make all tasks a moment to experience Heaven, it will become your modus operandi Nothing will ever feel like a chore when you walk in Heaven When you walk in Heaven, you are walking for the highest good of all concerned'.

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