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Garden Angels

Yesterday, I found a small cluster of little white feathers in the middle of my front garden..they were in the place where I planted an apple tree for my husband when he was seriously ill...he passed in 2009 & the tree didn't grow.

Last week, for the first time since my husband son, daughter and friends all transformed my garden and painted my fence.

I have kept them...I have quite a collection of little white feathers & truly believe it was a message.

Thank you for sharing today.

You have reinforced MY belief.

Bless You..xxxx

"You May Not Believe In Angels, But They Believe In You"


The love that you and your friends gave from you open hearts to the garden was seen by the Angels and they sent you this sign to let you know that they have noticed your good work and are indeed with you.

The new start in your garden is a sign that you are now moving forward and the Angels sent you this sign for you to recognise this after the death of you lovely husband.

Thank you for sharing.

Blessings, Michelle

You can find out how to know and understand the signs of your Angels in 'Meet Your Angels' by Michelle Fielding. The book that supports this community page.

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