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Going with the flow is not manifestation!

I often hear people saying 'I just go with the flow'..... but going with the flow, is not Manifestation!

Flow is only one form of energy. Manifestation and spiritual growth will be incomplete unless you fully ground the experience.

To fully ground and manifest spiritual growth, and your hearts desires, you need to engage all your chakras in your life’s journey. Engaging all your chakras will not only enhance your spiritual vibration, but also, it will you to deepen your spiritual truth and engage more fully on your spiritual path.

To only 'go with the flow' means you are only doing ‘half of the work’. It is like buying a gift, but never wrapping it or positing it to an address. The buying of the gift had no focus and so its final destination, its manifestation as a gift to another, could not occur.

The task of manifestation is two parts:

Firstly, you must set your intention. Your intention to buy a gift. You then go with the flow until you are lead to the correct gift.

Secondly, you must ground or manifest the final outcome. You must address and send the gift.

On the spiritual path, you ground the experience fully by being in the moment. By staying in the moment you are showing gratitude and focusing on how the experience has been teaching you. You would engage all your chakras from heaven to earth, from crown to base and beyond.

Going with the flow is only possible is you have firstly set your direction.

The flow of energy needs to know in which direction to go so that it can manifest an outcome. The upper chakras, heart, throat, third eye and crown create the idea, the inspiration, they create the flow.

The lower chakras solar, sacral and base (earth star), they create the manifestation. They create the grounding of the outcome.

You are always like a tree and without firm roots, grounding through the lower chakras, then things cannot manifest in a way that creates spiritual growth.

It is no good buying the present if you do not send it.

In the same way, a synchronicity or flow is not valuable unless you use the experience to grow through grounding and lower chakra balancing.

Flow starts with the crown. Manifestation starts with the base.

Marry the two energies to create unison, to create flow on your spiritual path and eventual integration and manifestation.

Energy must remain balanced it is spiritual law, for every upper chakra event, there must be an equal lower chakra event or alignment.

Upper Chakras dictate the flow of unconditional love, lower chakras dictate the flow of manifestation.

Both need to work symbiotically to further spiritual growth.

When you engage the upper chakras you are growing like the tree towards heaven, towards enlightenment. When you engage the lower chakras you are engaging your roots towards Earth.

You cannot go higher than you can go deep or the tree will topple over!

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