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Heal your Heart

Learn how to master your emotions through the process of detachment and forgiveness.  Learn how to ask your Angels for emotional healing.


Detachment - Practice detachment; let others live their lives while you live yours.  Do not label situations as good or bad.  A situation just ‘is’! 


Forgiveness - Learn to forgive yourself and others and to see the good in everyone despite seeming appearances.  Forgiveness does not mean that what has happened to you, or what someone has done to you, is acceptable. 


Forgiveness means that you will no longer allow that situation or behaviour to hurt or affect you.

Learn the art of clarity

Focus on your heart’s desires and gain clarity as to how you will feel when they manifest.  Fill your mind with positive mantras and affirmations. 

Act with integrity

Be strong, act as a warrior of Light.  You are responsible for everything that does or does not occur in your life.  Always speak with truth. If you want to know more about your Soul & Angels

You may be at the start of a spiritual journey, or you may already be pursuing your life's purpose. Whatever stage of development you are currently in, you may be looking for more answers or deeper meaning. You could be ready to step up your spiritual practice. Michelle offers something for everyone, whether you are a beginner wanting to learn meditation or you are reaching up with your angels to achieve heaven on earth through ascension. Whether she is working with you or your group, she will personalise her material for each session. Make your appointment today.


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