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Homeless and stressed!

(submitted by a community member)

Thank you, Michelle.

I do believe in Angels and I believe in you.

As I go through my daily stress; homeless with my daughter and not well. I'm so stress and I do not know when my daughter and I will be able to have a place to call our own, food and to be able to function.

I have applied all of the Riverside County for food, shelter, medical and cash for living expenses, and I'm just praying that we will be able to have a long time secure place that we can live and be safe and not on the streets.

We believe in Jesus, and we believe in the Holy Bible and we believe in all the Saints, Apostles, Mother Mary, Holy Spirit, Holy Cross, Our Lord Jesus and the God Almighty. We are trying to live one day at a time.

Please pray for us,

Love Shirley

You May Not Believe in Angels but They Believe in You!

Dearest Shirley,

The place you have to call your own is that place in your heart called Love.

In times of stress and upheaval we forget to connect to our natural home of peace and love, our heart. God and the Angels guide you through the feelings of love and peace in your heart.

Start to center yourself right now in this moment.

You cannot change the past and you future is unwritten. Your current thoughts and feelings are now writing it!

Write down all the things you have mentioned as if you already have them in peaceful abundance. As you write you totally trust that these things are now being manifested into your reality.

For example:

'My daughter and I now have plentiful food and live safe and securely. All our financial needs are taken care of easily and effortlessly. In every moment we have exactly all those things that we need. In every moment we see, feel, and know the presence of our Angels. They protect, nurture and love us both in every moment...'

Thank your Angels.

In your next session, I would like you to draw your ideal home or describe you ideal situation to your Angels.

Write it and feel it in the now!

For example:

'I am now in my ideal home and it is ....'

Describe this situation from your heart. How does this new home and life feel? How does it look, how does it smell, what do you see when you look out of your window in your new community and home?

Feel every detail from your heart as you draw and write to your Angels.

Thank the Angels. Know that this is now truly on its way to you. Say 'May this or something greater now manifest for the highest good of all concerned'.

Do not concern yourself with how this will manifest. Just keep focusing on your heart and being peaceful, trusting and calm. Staying in the moment.

Allow the Angels to do their work. Let them take everything on their wings. With Divine timing your new peaceful, secure life will manifest. But your true sanctuary will always be within your own heart.

Keep your heart open and the Angels will reside with you. Please let me know how you get along.

Blessings, Michelle xx


Unknown member
Nov 29, 2021

What a beautiful site you have Michelle . This is the first time I have visited you, though I have been following you for quite some time on Utube and always enjoy listening to what you have to say, delivering your words with confidence and in such gentle and soothing tones.. I’m loving Commander Ashtar and his messages through you - Thank you so happy to have found you.. Love and blissings to you - and so it is. 💖🙏


Unknown member
Nov 29, 2021

Yes you are correct Michelle. I often remember what Kyle Gray says, if you are not asking your angels for help, you are leaving a master unemployed!!! I talk to my angels frequently and then I listen for their guidance. Sending you all many blessings 🙏

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