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How do I begin with all this Ascension stuff?

Question by Community Member 'hi there just joined a few days ago and ive been on a journey for 3 years of remembering who i use to be when i was a kid and this kind of stuff is new to me and was hidden from me by my parents so how do u begin in this ascension stuff grow in it and understand it cuz i feel really drawn to it thx alot for ur help'. Beacons of Light! Go Forth and Serve - Facebook Hello, how lovely to meet you here today. By being drawn to this community, then this is a sign that you are already in fact on your journey, and your soul has brought you to a place where the messages have recognition for you deep inside. This is important because your soul knows what is best for you and will bring to you the right teachers, books and information at exactly the correct time. At the beginning I would like you to say this everyday: 'May the Love of the Universe, show me what it would like me to do each day, and to give me the right words and actions to do it'. You will now give permission to the Spiritual Hierarchy to come forward. Synchronicity will now start to unfold in your life. You will get strong feelings in your heart and intuition, listen to it. Follow its guidance. This is your individual journey. There is no right, and there is no wrong. This page has lots of information and can be followed more closely by reading the notes section and by following the wall each day. You are very welcome to ask questions here. If you have not started any form of meditation or journalling then these are also important tools for progressing your spiritual journey. Your soul already knows everything, it is now waking up and it is helping you to remember. It will do this by bringing new ideas and consciousness into your being. This will be an exciting time for you. Go one step at a time. Please let me know how you get along. You may also enjoy our sister page 'You may not believe in Angels but they believe in You', which teaches you how to meet and know your Guardian Angel. Blessings dear One. Michelle

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