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How to connect with your Angels

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

There are various ways we can call upon and connect with our Angels.  To connect with Angels then we need to learn to work with all our senses.  When we develop all our senses then we become ever more skilled in seeing, sensing and knowing.  We become more sensitive to what is going on around us, moment by moment. 


To connect with our Angels it is important for us to start an inner journey of relaxation and contemplation.  As we become more peaceful in our mind and soul, we are then able to hear and see more clearly the Angelic signs that are being sent to us regularly.


There are many ways to start releasing your inner chatter.  By releasing your inner chatter you can then just focus on the one sound that is important.  That sound is the sound of your intuition speaking to you through the feelings in your Heart. 


Angels speak to us through the intuition and feelings in our Heart.

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