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I have treatment resistant depression...

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

Submitted my a community member

Michelle, I have treatment resistant depression...

I am struggling on a super low income day-by-day, diagnosed with TDR (Treatment Resistance Depression) since the 80's, wanting more than anything to be able to connect with, meet, now, know their name, be able to talk to, know he/she hears you... How can someone like me ever come to know this? Is it a lost cause for me, 'truthfully'?

Blessings xx

Dear Child of God,

Your Angels always hear you and they are always reaching out to you. Regarding your depression, what is this fear and anger that you are afraid to address and release?

Speak to your Angels about your 'emotional pain', why do you feel the need to shut yourself off from the joy of life?

What occurred in the 80's that started this cycle?

All these problems that you feel have wrapped tightly around your heart like binding cord. It has strangled the joy from your life. But inside, deep inside, is the light. It may be in tight binding, but it has never been extinguished.

You are now going to release the binding ties and allow this light to once again radiate out.

Ask Archangel Michael to come in and cut these tight binding cords around your heart. Imagine Archangel Michael using his sword like a sharp pair of scissors. See these suffocating binding cords Being cut now!

Feel your heart expand as they fall to the ground. Imagine the Angels of healing taking these remnants of outdated stickiness away from you. Watch them take the cords away to be transmuted in the love of God.

Your heart is now able to breath, ask Archangel Jophiel to fill your heart with his illuminating light of joy, inspiration and hope. Nothing can be resistant in the love of your Angels. Resistance is fear. Fear cannot exist where there is love.

Practice every day filling your heart with the light of love from you Angels. Step-by-step, you are now going forward. You are no longer stuck, angry, sad. You are no longer depressed.

You are now awakening to the hope, passion and joy that you locked out through trauma and fear.

Love heals fear

Where there is love

There are Angels!

Blessings, Michelle 🙏

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image - Kelly Sikkema

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