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Is Christ Consciousness the route to God Consciousness?

Updated: Feb 8, 2020

Yes and No. Christ Consciousness is a level of understanding once you Ascend. but once Ascended, then another new journey begings. the journey to God Consciousness. The level of understanding within each Soul as he or she walks the Ascension pathway will determine at what point a relationship with God starts to become a reality. For most people a relationship with God will begin to manifest once the individual has amassed enough inititiations of the Soul to recognise the distinctive, evergy, vibration, pulse or voice of God. God's voice is direct. God's relationship is direct with you. God is omnipresnent and can have a direct relationship with all people at all times, should they be willing or able to interpret it.

Cant you speak or hear God directly at any level of spiritual or soul attainment?

No. The voice of God is distinctive in vibration and is only audible to a Soul that has attained that particular level or frequency. All other messages from God will be delivered at the time and pace that has meaning for you. This may be through your connection to say Krishna, Buddha, Jesus, Mohammad, or through your relationship with the Angelic realms.

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