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Is it necessary to be celibate to achieve Ascension?

To deny spiritual energy, would be to deny the natural essence of all creation

The kundalini energy which drives the energy of sexual union, is derived from the base chakra energy centre, this centre related to our birth, our survival and the fight to go on and re-create.

To stop the flow of natural energy from this centre would create a blockage and imbalance in the entire energy system of the chakras on all levels.

The charkra when developed in a balanced way will feed the sacral chakra and it will produce the ability to give and receive in union with another, in a balanced and healthy proportion.

Neither depleting nor congesting its natural flow.

The Kundalini energy has natural stages of ebb and flow and so this should be followed as a way to maintain balance in the energetic system.

With spiritual progression the sexual energy will merge with the heart chakra, creating not only a union of sexuality, but one of Bliss, of Oneness. The Kundalini will now be bathed in energy of Unconditional Love and healing of the Heart chakra.

The sexual union of two people who have developed spirituality beyond the energy of the lower chakras will now begin to experience the energy of the Tantra.

Tantra is a unique energy of Oneness created by two people who are channelling the Divine.

The level of sexuality is exquisite. Healing both partners on all levels......

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Unknown member
Mar 23, 2022

Dear Michelle . One drop of semen requires the transformation of 50 drops of blood. Therefore passing of semen is not healthy and is only required when desiring conception. However with-holding of the Semen, it then becomes the nourishing agent of the body and pineal. Wishing you Love and Health Stephen McCathie

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