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Life - A Tapestry made of the Golden Thread of Love

Love winds in and through all the a Golden Thread

All new life is the continuation of that thread in our daily lives

Embrace every new day,

Look forward, to seeing the Golden Thread of Love being woven by everyone around everything....

Everything is interconnected

Our Love is linked to everything and everyone else

Love those things immediately in front of you

Know that your Love will also create a Golden Thread of Love from your own position in the Universe

As all threads meet .... they form a Tapestry made of Gold

It is there for everyone to see and behold .... everything is interwoven, and interconnected

All souls from all dimensions, come together to create this rich Tapestry made of Golden Thread

Our Universal Ascension Team enfolds those who are still on their journey ... this is a journey with a final destination ..... PEACE!

Everything is interconnected .... Feel the ONENESS

To read more about this and much more, please see Michelle Fielding's book "Meet your Guardian Angel" by clicking below

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