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Life is like a River

Life is like a river .... it gently flows

Around each corner .... its destination .... only our Angels know

As the shingle below the surface, tosses ad turns

The shoales of fish to the sea return

In the Oceans they find themselves .... even though it is wide and deep

It holds the ancient wisdom .... just ready for these seekers to reap

The Dolphins, Whales and Sealife, know all the Divine Secrets that are deep down below

In time they will show us .... allowing humanity to flouish and grow

As a new time slowly starts to begin, the fish for the Golden Age will swim back to the inland riverways .... once again

All their new wisdom contained within their scales, will be brought inland for us all to know

Each and every one of us .... in each and every riverside town

Keep the rivers and water systems sparkling clean

The waters are our life line and hold the knowledge to Heaven on Earth within.

Michelle Fieldings book "Meet your Guardian Angel" is a practical and informative book of how to meet, know and understand your Angels

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