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Lightworkers - show a random act of kindness today!

* SMILE at a boisterous child

* BUY some flowers and them to your boss

* TAKE out the rubbish for your neighbour

* BAKE a loaf of bread for your elderly neighbour

* SAY something kind or inspiring to the person sitting next to you on the way to work

* ASK the 'single parent' in your road - if they need help this week with anything

* GIVE your pet some extra attention

* MAKE your own sandwiches and the money you save buy YOURSELF a nice gift!

* LOOK at that 'homeless' person - with the eyes of God and a heart of love - and know that your good intention can help that person to turn their life around

A kind Soul is inspired by ANGELS


Show a random act of kindness today!

If you would like to meet your Angels: Books | GoldenHeavenOnEarth

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Give .... to those who can not payback anything ... in return .....

do not expect anything ..... except a smile , a thank you from their heart .....

and maybe a tear of happiness on their cheeks. ....

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