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Listen with your Heart

To feel Divine Inspiration, you need to open your Heart to the Angels.  Angels are messengers of God.  Angels speak to you through your intuition and they place feelings of love and acceptance in your heart.


In the silence, you hear Divine guidance.  In the moment, you feel Divine love, with an open heart you see Divinity in everyone.  Every day you can feel Divine inspiration.  Ask the Angels to touch your heart.  Knowing, sensing, feeling, or hearing an Angel is a moment of profound love.  A moment that will profoundly change your life, forever. 

 It is worth reaching out to an Angel today.  Your requests, to know your Angels, are always heard and always granted.  Angels manifest miracles for everyone.

If you want to know more about Angels

Michelle is available for personal consultations.

Michelle Fielding has been a spiritual coach and writer for over 18 years. 


You may be at the beginning of a spiritual journey, or you may already be pursuing your life's purpose. Whatever stage of development you currently find yourself working with, you may be searching for more answers or deeper meaning. You may be ready to take your spirituality to the next level. Whether you are a beginner wishing to learn meditation or whether you are reaching up with your angels to reach Heaven on Earth, through Ascension, Michelle has something for every level and everyone. She will tailor her material for each session, whether she is working with you or your group.


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