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Love is like a seed

Love is like a seed in everyone's hearts

To flourish and grow it needs to trust. It needs to feel the light of God and the Angels

Open your heart to the light and miracles will unfold

Ask the Angels to help you feel the Light

Ask the Angels to help you feel the Love

As you feel it, so must you send it to others. For it is in the sharing of love that everything is healed.

Love heals war giving peace

Love heals pain giving healing

Love heals despair giving hope and faith

Love equals new beginnings

In each and every moment choose love for yourself and others. Send it as a beacon of light from the centre of your heart to Everyone and Everything!

Send to those who need hope, peace, faith, and healing today!

The Angels will bless those who use their love to heal others

The Angels will bless those who use their love to heal themselves

Where there is unconditional love a healing must always occur, it is Divine Law.

Where there is Unconditional Love

There are Angels!

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Unknown member
Jun 08, 2022

Hi Michelle 🙂 struggling with emotions atm. Have seen all the horror on the children of this world. Trying to stay strong with the help of prayer and being around my loved ones. I asked God a couple of years ago if he could send his arch angels to intervene but maybe I asked with too much emotion as I was angry when I came to know the full extent of it. I couldn't stop thinking about the children. I'm a bit better now but still have my moments when I see something around that issue. Thankyou for offering peace and love to all. I always feel a calmness when I come here 💖

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