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Make a shower of Compassion, Love and Understanding

We can all only walk on the path that we currently understand. In the direction, that we are currently facing. With the knowledge we currently hold.

But at each 'crossroads' the Angels are waiting. As we learn more we walk onto a higher path, everything we have previously experienced is now below us.

Looking down at the path below you, see the others. Shower them on their current path of experience with the energies of compassion, love and understanding.

Those on the path above you will be doing the same, so there is always enough love to go around.

As you look below you, you see others in their daily struggle to understand from their present perspective. Continue to send them a shower of energies, compassion, love and understanding.

You smile! You are smiling because you know that with your loving shower of compassion, love and understanding, they can and will succeed in walking to higher ground.

You smile because you can now forgive yourself and others. You can see quite clearly everyone's unfolding path and journey.

You turn and look forwards, you feel elated, joyful and optimistic. You walk confidently one step firmly in front of another. From this position of fresh perspective there is forgiveness.

Thank your Angels as you walk

Thank your Angels as you smile

Thank your Angels, the way ahead is clear.

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