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Master your own life...

Master your own life....

To master your own life you need to firstly accept that there is a higher power

  • an all knowing

  • all encompassing

  • all loving higher power

The higher power is not separate from you....

This higher power is part of you

This higher power is part of the Universe

This higher power is part of the entire cosmos...

By embracing this higher power we release the need to be anything but in the moment....

The present moment is a gift .... it allows us to breath in, to breath out

  • to see

  • to hear

  • to feel

The present moment allow us to know OURSELVES!

In the present moment you can decide to no longer label anything....

In the present moment, you can just be!

Everything is the present moment is exactly how, where and who it needs to BE

In the present moment there is the divine opportunity of everything starting ....

  • afresh/anew

  • without any baggage of the past

  • without any anxiety about how to unpack it in the future

In the present moment of divine opportunity no bags are even necessary

The only thing necessary is to BREATH! - THATS IT!

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