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Meditation - the route to Enlightenment

As our thoughts reduce to a much slower pace, our brain waves change. By slowing the frequency, we create a vibration of peace and calmness. This peace and calmness resonates with the vibration of Angels.

The Angels can now approach you and their healing waves and sonics merge into your being. You are becoming at one with the love of the Angels. Continued and regular practice allows this process of merging with the love of the Angels and it takes you on a journey towards Enlightenment.

Enlightenment is a profound moment where you see the world through different eyes.

You see the world from a different perspective, you realise there is no separation. You realise that everything is in fact, One.

Once the seed of Enlightenment has been planted, then true Peace and Love for all is understood at a soul level. Your whole perspective changes to 'How may I serve'! You realise that your service affects the whole.

Meditation, visualisation, contemplation. These are all essential tools for training the mind for Peace.

It is in the silence that we hear

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