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Mental Illness and higher levels of Consciousness.....

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

Can people with 'mental illness' experience higher levels of consciousness when they are 'out of their mind'?

People with mental illness do not necessarily experience higher levels of consciousness. Consciousness is determined by the soul and not by the mind.

What we experience is determined by the level of light in our soul . So to be 'out of our mind' is actually a good thing because, in the moment that we move from our mind and into the wisdom of the soul, we then start to clearly hear and experience higher realms of existence/consciousness. This happens because the soul knows what we need without the chatter of the 'ego' mind.

It can more easily decipher what is best for us in the next stage of our journey.

Mental illness does not distract from higher levels of consciousness, however, it is the grounding of this consciousness that creates a full and balanced soul growth.

When you are ungrounded the teaching cannot be properly aligned and integrated and so the soul's progression and hence spiritual journey is hindered.

It is not so much that accessing higher realms of consciousness is done correctly or incorrectly, but more it is integrated and aligned correctly, in order to achieve balance.

You cannot go higher than you can grow deep. Always your have heart in heaven and your feet firmly on the ground.

Archangel Sandalphon

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